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The Minority Chamber of Commerce, located headquarter in Washington D.C and operational center in Coral Gables, Florida, is a volunteer business organization, advocacy, community and economic development organization. Not a social chamber. We are committed to the education with connections, a center where our members' growth and success, and to the development of a positive economic climate. The Minority Chamber serves nearly 1,400 local member businesses and professionals, and more than 5,000 national and international. Founded on September 1, 2000 as the Micro Businesses Board of Trade and funded by membership investments, the Minority Chamber of Commerce has evolved into Global and National‘s leading networking, economic development and business advocacy association and expanding their services to the east coast of the United States, Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba and Israel.

Director's Message

doug mayorga

As President of the Chamber, I want you to feel that you belong to more than just an ordinary organization; a social chamber willing to take its members to produce revenues, expose themselves, and obtain brilliant results, this chamber wants to support your goals to the next level. I want you to be part of the community and business experience that has expanded for 15 years and counting.

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<1 Million

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<$10 Billion