Minority Chamber of Commerce Appoints Bill Kress as Public Affairs Chair for its Corporate Image Committee

Miami, Jan. 16, 2017 – The Minority Chamber of Commerce today announced the appointment of Mr. Bill Kress as the Corporate Image & Public Affairs Chair. Mr. Kress with more 20 years of experience in the public relations industry, and will now spearhead the Chamber’s efforts to bring a results-oriented approach to public affairs, while ensuring that the “voice of business” is heard throughout the business community as well as among elected officials and constituents.

Mr. Kress will oversee production of news releases, conduct press conferences and speaking engagements, prepare business announcements, and provide assistance in community service programs for the Chamber, its members, and partners.

“As we enter this new year of new development for the Chamber, we are very excited to bring on board Mr. Kress to lead the Chamber’s Corporate Image & Public Affairs Committee,” said Doug Mayorga, president and CEO of the Minority Chamber of Commerce. “He brings great leadership and a wealth of public service experience which has helped him earn a national reputation as a trusted, results-oriented leader – and a major force for civic and business progress. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the public relations, his achievements in education, government affairs and business, as well as his and strong connections with members and staff, make him a valuable addition to the Chamber.”

About Corporate Image Committee: This key committee focuses on maintaining a unified and positive image of the Chamber, its members, and partners. It also provides input to our campaign of new-business grand openings, new products and services in the community, and in creating messaging and strategies to assist local businesses in managing and improving their corporate image with the public.

About Mr. Bill Kress: Kress Communications, LLC, is an award-winning Public Relations firm, headed by Bill Kress, specializing in online communications, social media, event promotion/coverage, and media relations. His experience spans all three business sectors – corporate, non-profit, and municipal government. As resident of Miami in the mid-80s and again since 2008, Mr. Kress has worked closely with the local news media, business leaders, and other community figures throughout South Florida. Mr. Kress has enjoyed a long career in PR and communications. After more than 20 years in organizational public relations, he started Kress Communications as an independent consultant in 2016 to provide PR and special-project services supporting businesses, chambers of commerce, and municipal gov’t.

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