Minority Chamber of Commerce Congratulates President Donald J. Trump

Dear President Trump,

On behalf of the members, partners, and staff of the Minority Chamber of Commerce, please accept my warmest congratulations on your victory and my best wishes. As you prepare to assume the enormous responsibilities and challenges as our next Commander in Chief on January 20, 2017, please know that we stand with you in looking toward a promising new horizon for small businesses in America.

The Minority Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-partisan volunteer association with no public funding. We work to foster a business climate that bolsters local, national, transatlantic trade and economic development, whereby allowing minority businesses to flourish in both the local and international markets.

President Trump, you are truly an inspiration for us. You ran a smart campaign, you energized politics with character, reaffirmed our values, and you are now offering a firm vision for the future of our nation. The significance of your victory will resonate with hundreds of millions of U.S. business around the United States. It is indeed time for global renewal for our powerful country.

As you embark upon your new responsibilities, rest assured you will continue to have the support, friendship, and sympathetic interest of the members and partners of the Minority Chamber of Commerce. Through our common endeavors, a constructive and cooperative relationship between the Minority Chamber and your administration will definitely lead to new development for our members, communities, and economy. The last eight years were a nightmare for minority businesses in America – and now we look forward to a new day.

I am deeply heartened by the opportunity to work with you, not only by developing closer relations between the Trump Administration and the Minority Chamber, but by joining hands in a shared goal of making America great again, making our economy stronger, and forging a more brilliant future for the United States of America.