“The Global U.S Small Business Organization Promoting Unity, Peace and Prosperity for the Next Generation of entrepreneurs”

The U.S MCC is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is registered under U.S. law and accepted by 12 world trade organizations to assist them with reports related to small-medium size companies in America. The U.S MCC is an independent, membership-driven entity that receives no revenues from any entity of governments. USMCC’s stakeholders include more than 25,000 companies and partners, and the vast majority of these are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our History: Established in 2000, MCC offers a wealth of information, trade & economy development opportunities, management techniques and best practices through its award-winning publications, conferences and networking. For more history of MCC, see our renewed website. MCC also works to upgrade the economic status and professional standing of those active in the chamber field.

Recognition: The National U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce is the only business entity in the United States with official recognition conferred by the U.S Department of Defense, The U.S Department of Energy, the US AID, global organizations like world bank and United Nations.

  • Direct Benefits
    The Chamber provides its members with enhanced national services, such as grassroots activity, and entrepreneurship education, such as the Minority Procurement Training and Certification Workshops to deal with supplier diversity large corporations in America, Federal Government and Multi-Lateral Agencies. Access to the latest news and information is vital to your business’ success. Join the U.S MCC today to access exclusive member benefits.
  • 2019 Program of Work
    Appoint Executive Committee Member to focus on global economic opportunity to lead chamber engagement on this issue.
    Provide opportunities for entrepreneurship education, engagement and relationship-building through events designed to deliver clear value to participants.
    Provide industry, affinity and geographic specific engagement opportunities through chapters and world trade centers by
    the Chamber offices.
    Prepare and Support effective and efficient coordinating of regional economic development efforts to address market demands and clearly measure collective impact.
    Be Actively engage in aligning talent and business strategies to augment economic growth with demonstrable measures of impact.
    Drive inclusion and grow engagement with new opportunities for all to access tools to drive business success for local, national and global market.
    In conjunction with global and national Partnership, lead the implementation and funding effort of the Global Economic Strategic Plan.
    ·Promoting the U.S MCC Regional Partnership in the refreshing of the U.S Minority Business brand and creation of integrated tools and media relations. Emphasis in large corporations, Federal Government, Academia, and world trade organizations.
    ·Promoting and Creating Digital Training Universities in the creation of entrepreneurship awareness programs in virtual centers across the world to reduce poverty, create digital entrepreneurs.
    ·Launch relocation programs to establish new businesses in DC, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Miami and New York to cultivate diverse services as patent, USA Visas, corporations, EIN, Dunn & Bradstreet, Bank Account, Permit, Licensees, offices and bilingual personnel.
    ·Training local businesses in public-private Partnership, expand infrastructure and strengthen connections to local and global markets.
    ·Establish monthly in all our center participation in an Entrepreneurs-in-Government Roundtable to identify entrepreneurial growth prospects and resources to accelerate their growth.
    ·Bring on board investor with different portfolios through angel and venture capital opportunities and connect major companies with startup/minority startup community.
    ·Help to connect the U.S MCC develop entrepreneurial exposure, brand and messaging, including consideration of an online information resource for minority entrepreneurs and exploration of growth-oriented business recruitment strategy.
    ·Advocate and partnership at the congress and public officials from federal, state and local levels for investments, funding and incentives for the creation of entrepreneurship centers in America.
    ·Organize and coordinate with other urban chambers around the world and in the United States for a win-win relation.


Doug Mayorga

CEO – Founder

Ángel Navarro

Chairman – Innovation

Leo Adames

Chairman – Enviroment

Sean Lee

Chairman – Corporate


Orlando Rincón


Carlos Arante



Costa Rica

Erlin Miranda