Letter of the President & CEO, Doug Mayorga

Entrepreneurs and Minority Small Businesses Spur Economic Growth and Create Jobs in our Communities


Welcome to our website. On behalf of our business members and the community, we invite you to join us. We are a real solution for all important issues. We invite you to join and succeed in a dynamic community with a high energy, leading edge environment for all Minority Small Businesses to thrive. We are not a social or bureaucracy organization living by public funding. We help you to make money.
At the Minority Chamber of Commerce we are fulfilling our priorities and the goals of ending extreme lack of political commitment with the Minority Small Businesses in America. We call on the presidential candidates that it is time for an unprecedented effort by our developing business communities to unleash private sector-led growth with more resources.

The Cuba Mission by the Chamber is planned for September 22-25, 2016 and that more than a dozen companies around our nation and different industries will be part of the delegation. We plan to learn about the communist country’s business need, ranging from the Ministry of construction to semi private international companies in Cuba. An agenda has not yet been finalized because the Cuban government has to approve all of the meetings and interactions. We explore trade opportunities and position ourselves for greater economic success. Take advantage of the export license from the United States to sell to Cuba. At the Chamber, we do process for you.

At the Minority Chamber of Commerce, we are reaffirming our commitment to supporting micro-small entrepreneurship as a key engine for growth and development, it not large corporations driving the economy in our nation, but entrepreneurs and small businesses powering us out of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. According to the U.S Government, Small businesses created nearly 2 million of the roughly 3 million private-sector jobs generated more than 7 million of the 11 million jobs created during our recovery have been generated by startups `and small enterprises.

Our next challenge will be the City of Orlando Startup Minority Development Center does not matter where your business is located in America, this national program can help new businesses maneuver around the obstacles to success. Through direct coordination, support and counseling, we provide a range of management and technical assistance services for Star Up: business plan development, accounting, marketing, financial planning, social media programs, internet service with high speed, legal business structures, loan packaging, e-commerce, entering international markets, employee management and public relations among others.

Our governments must hold regular dialogues with the Minority Chambers of Commerce for practical implementation of trade fairs, offer financial resources, real tax incentives and other policies to favor Minority Entrepreneurs. The American minority business community is facing many challenges in running their companies. The financial crises and the bureaucracy has negatively affected business activities, causing huge unemployment as well. As a business organization we make a call for a new direction for our economy.

At the MCC we are playing an active role in highlighting the issues facing our members and partners in these areas: revenues, certification, connections, healthcare, funding, export, investor relations, and other business dynamics. The MCC cooperates with all national trade associations to advocate all of the issues we hold in common that bind us in a common effort to expand for our associates and partners.
The members of MCC are encouraged to convey to their issues and all policy recommendations, so that the same issues can be taken up with concerned public officials and agencies. This year, we shall hold sector specific meetings to understand all of these issues and challenges: Export and Procurement Development. As well as fact finding meetings with organizations that will give recommendations implement remedial measures.

It’s time to make money and make America Great Again invest in Minority Small Businesses