Our journey began on September 1, 2001 when 14 Miami-Dade community business leaders decided to respond to a crisis which especially struck the local African American and Latino micro-small business community: gaining access to government contracting. During this time, county officials had deliberately set rules and procedures for the certification of minority business owners that would create unnecessary obstacles.

Through the spirit of service and passion for justice the 14 business leaders were able to persuade officials to accept recommendations that would eliminate obstacles. Motivated by a spirit of benevolence and pride in their community, and under the direction of Doug Mayorga, the business leaders founded the Minority Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber moved swiftly to assist local companies in Miami-Dade, promote awareness of their businesses, helping file claims with the government and advocating against discrimination. The organization continued to flourish, including the development of a national platform and organized the U.S Government Business Opportunities Conference in 2002. In 2004, the Chamber was made up entirely of importers and exporters and organized trade missions to Colombia, Israel, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. In 2006, the Chamber decided that promotion of trade and goodwill between U.S and Latin America countries would be its primary effort, thus helping to defend the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and Dominican Republic named (CAFTA-DR).

The organization continued to operate in Miami-Dade County as it headquarters until August 1, 2014. Realizing that a broader membership base would strengthen the group’s presence in the local community, the Chamber members decided to establish its new headquarter in Washington D.C. with two (2) operating centers located in Ft Lauderdale and Miami-Dade County. This expansion brings the Minority
Chamber of Commerce to the forefront of national and internationally efforts to support minority businesses everywhere. We actively promote economic global goodwill.

The Chamber’s officers, prominent members and key personnel are from 65 countries. As a connected and cohesive group we are promoting economic development and business success. In the ensuing years, the Chamber will expand its focus. We have rewritten our charter to express the urgency felt by its leaders regarding the development of new policies that will assist entrepreneurs and business

More than 15 years later and with its eyes firmly fixed to the future – the Minority Chamber of Commerce seeks to integrate the dynamic areas of business innovation, economic development, international relations and government affairs. Establishing our headquarters in Washington, DC is the beginnings of a journey that will help foster business success everywhere.