The chamber sponsors high level conferences, Summit, Workshop, Seminars and business preparation for startup and active companies on topics of interest to our members and partners. 
Examples includes how to export-import, bid preparation for contracting, foreign languages, management for a global business, digital marketing, finance & accounting, custom, income taxes, intelligence search, legal issues, customer service and hiring strategies.
Also, the U.S MCC is uniquely positioned to link small medium minority business in America to their counterparts in the region through programs, events, mentoring, trade mission, webinars and global economic Development. 
Let us know which of your concerns we can address in a business seminar and workshop available this January 9, 2019 in DC, Miami, Atlanta and Puerto Rico.
The Goal of the U.S MCC for 2019 contributing to the creation of 50,000 jobs and $500 million in capital investment through international, local and domestic investors, and expansion, as well as develop additional metrics that will broaden our definition of economic growth.