Partner of the Month

The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce (USMCC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with InXpress Tristate. InXpress is DHL global sales partner for small and midsize businesses. InXpress will give our members the most competitive rates available on shipping services, including domestic freight and international importing or exporting (ex: document, parcel or freight).

The USMCC recognizes that reducing costs of transportation remains a high priority for our members and partners InXpress Tristate offers an incredible 60% discount from DHL’s list rates.

Their primary carrier is DHL Air Express. If you ship through InXpress Tristate, you will receive a 60% discount from DHL’s list rates. DHL is the world’s largest international carrier, providing service to more countries and remote locations than any other carrier. DHL is perfect for fast, secure deliveries of both imports and exports. Transit time is 48 hours to many locations. Having a DHL account is completely free.

International shipping can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. InXpress and DHL make international shipping easy and affordable. Their experts process your shipments for you, for free! With their help, you will have less Customs clearance issues, lost shipments and incorrect invoices. 

CEO of the U.S MCC, Doug Mayorga said, “We are very proud to partner with InXpress Tristate and look forward to working with them in our pursuit to support benefits for our members to reduce cost in shipping and handle. This is an amazing program with many cost saving features. InXpress has agreed to provide a $50 credit to our members who open a DHL Air Express Account through InXpress”.

If you would like a DHL account for your company, contact Joseph Garzio at  610-952-6333, [email protected]

For more information about our discount programs, please contact Maria Loaisiga to (202)250-0260 or by email to [email protected]