Global XIV Summit for Micro and Small Businesses 2015 in the Dominican Republic

Global XIV Summit for Micro and Small Businesses 2015 in the Dominican Republic


Global XIV Summit for Micro and Small Businesses 2015 in the Dominican Republic

The Minority Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Federation of Micro-Small Business in Dominican Republic will hold its XIV Micro-Small Business World Summit 2015

Dominican Republic will host the fourteenth edition of the Global Summit of Micro and Small Businesses-2015 under the slogan “The power of creativity and technology for innovation and entrepreneurship”. Host by the Minority Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Small-Medium Business Federation of Dominican Republic, this is the first-time the event is held in the Caribbean region. Previous conferences were held in Miami and Key Largo (Florida), Washington DC, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

More than 1,000 micro and small entrepreneurs from 4 continents, 24 countries and several global organizations will attend the Global Summit of Micro and Small Enterprises 2015. The conference will be held in 3 cities throughout the Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata.

The summit will bring together entrepreneurs, women, young people, businessmen, investors, as well as people from large corporations and multilateral agencies for six days of activities. The goal of the summit is to generate business opportunities, share knowledge and promote debate about the power of micro and small enterprises. It is estimated that micro and small businesses generate 80% of the jobs in the world.

Doug Mayorga, president and founder of the Minority Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the executive committee of the World Summit of Leaders of the Micro Enterprise said: “The leaders participating in different fields or industries of the future within the micro business, will develop and implement solutions and perspectives at this conference. We have selected the Dominican Republic as the host because it is a key player in the dynamic Caribbean. This country has historical, cultural and political ties with other countries in the region, but additionally, it is committed to progress, growth and development of the population. The Dominican Republic is the door to both the challenges and opportunities of the region”.

The third training block is ‘Inspiring the Future’. There participants will learn in-depth the latest trends in entrepreneurship and business creation, as well as attending workshops on trade openings or regional connectivity, among others. Finally, in the fourth block of training, attendees will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial thinking and be inspired to improve their projects through new innovative ideas with a series of seminars on high technology, finance, international trade, energy, water exploitation, security, emergency preparedness, and bilateral international trade. There will be talks on how to leverage the advantages offered by the US government with business visas.

Among the activities of the Global Micro-Small Summit Dominican Republic 2015, a gala event will be held for 34 of the most successful global personalities. They will be recognized for their ability to combine business with their service to humanity. The last day of the event will include a golf championship.

About the Summit: The choice of Dominican Republic to host the event reflects the strong role played by the country in the progress of the Caribbean, making the island as the shopping mecca of economic development through the creation and expansion of businesses and their leadership when it comes to support entrepreneurship and the integration of young people and women in all development processes.

About Minority Chamber of Commerce: Based in Titusville, Florida, with operational offices in Miami and a global center in Washington DC, it represents minority micro-small-medium business interests and governments. It was established in Miami on September 1, 2000.


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