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We invite you to join more than 5,500 U.S businesses and organizations and become a member of the Minority Chamber of Commerce. Take advantage of the high-level conferences, connection with public and private sectors, educational programs, issue advocacy and community building activities the Chamber provides.

The Minority Chamber is an economic development organization, a family of organizations working together for each other and our community so that we can all thrive, not just survive with center in Washington DC, Miami, New York, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Honduras and Colombia. Your Chamber membership is an investment in your organization and the mission and vision of the Chamber. We look forward to serving you.

Local & National level: [email protected]  (786)406-2190 / Maria Loaisiga


The myth of the local entrepreneurs who risks everything for their business dominates start up different culture named diversity, is a great challenge in America. But don’t let all this bluster put you off, starting small is just as rewarding and a great opportunity for your family and your community. At the Minority Chamber we are here to see you as a potential development to create a new direction in your life through our entrepreneurship program”

“At the Minority Chamber International trade is exchange of goods, services and investment development between countries and the United States. It has been a major driver in the growth of civilization over the past 100 years in our nation. The Chamber start a global program to help communities in our neighborhood to become more effective in their opportunities. We wants that our program “Building jobs and Prosperity” for Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile and Dominican Republic will be successful in the next years to come. We are very confident that the most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of people, is business training and connections through U.S entrepreneurship spirit capacity. It is more important than ever to give international small-medium size, the opportunities to network not only with our members in U.S, but with fellow entrepreneurs in the corporate America to promote entrepreneurship at all levels and in all environments, and reduce immigration to the United States.”


Local & National Program

Minority Chamber of Commerce Services include seminars, workshops, and courses for minority small business owners and prospective owners.  Customized training and development are also available. In its capacity as An Economic Development Organization –no social chamber or public funding Bureaucracy organization- , the Chamber works a philosophy of productive , create businesses with direction, and expand a new level their opportunities .  We also maintain close relationships with Federal, State and local governments and agencies.

Our programs are:

  • Start Up- Registration any kind of business, any industry and any location in the United States
  • Certification Federal Government and Supplier Diversity Programs
  • Permits & Licensee
  • Virtual Office Services in Washington DC, Miami and New York
  • Public Relations-Grand Opening and Press Conferences –Event Planners
  • Database with Emails
  • Business Plan for Loans & Grants development
  • Registration for SAM.GOV, Multilateral Agencies and International Government
  • Commercial Real Estate for any kind of industry –Rent or Buy-
  • Accessible program with U.S Secretaries and High Rank Public Officials.
  • Creating foundation 501 C3 with training in grants development and administration


International Program

Recognizing that neither governments or global organizations can guarantee development for small-medium size companies in different countries, MCC will have different programs to facility training, innovation, buyers and partners on the full potential of their economy creating jobs and reduce poverty.  The MCC have joined forces in the Global Alliance for disadvantage communities in trade development with members and partners , we have worked closely in establishing a unique public-private platform to leverage business expertise, leadership and resources to support effective trade facilitation reforms, provide infrastructure, international cooperation measured by real-world business metrics.

Our programs are:


  • Help U.S Minority Small Businesses to Export to Central America, Chile, Colombia and DR
  • Representation global companies to gain access to large U.S Corporations and Governments
  • Trade in Services Agreement
  • Trade and Investment Partnership with a right people through our due diligence in the country
  • Welcome Investment to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Honduras/ Tourism & Agricultural
  • Entrepreneurship Visa EB 5, L1A, Start UP and B1-B2
  • Strengthen Global Organization to deal with small businesses, rural municipalizes and ranchers
  • Chamber Business Tours visiting U.S include visa process, hospitality, matchmaking and agenda
  • Business registrations with EIN- Dunn & Bradstreet and Mail Address
  • Specialize in business plan for international finance
  • Trade, Investment and International cooperation representative
  • International Cooperation
  • Permit & Licensee for import product to the United States
  • Lobby with investors, large corporations and U.S Government for investors and trade
  • Registration with multilateral agencies and philanthropic organizations
  • High Tech development with products, equipment and consultant
  • The farmers and ranchers for exports with the best price and partnership



$595 for Sole Proprietorship: For startup and home business, the Chamber will offer you and your company maximum exposure to the Chamber in our beginning and its constituencies through the Chamber’s publications and activities.

$995 for Small Business Level: you and your company’s can partner strategically with the Chamber event and members, you paid as a member for all our activities. You and your company will have the opportunity to connect with the Chamber’s entire resource network.

$1,500 for Corporate Level: Free entrance for all our activities, and database resource available with emails and all type of industries. Exclusive 3 minutes interview in Univision Radio Program and business card ADV.

$2,500 for preference level: The excellent level for those with interest to be certified with U.S Government and United Nations, dedicated to cultivating contacts through our database and Develop opportunities internationally. 7 Minutes interview on the Radio and ¼ page advertising in Minority News.

$5,000 for executive level: Our signature level is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses looking to grow through lobby and access to the numerous programs and opportunities available with exclusive rights and privileges. 10 minutes interview on the radio every two month and a full page advertising in Minority News.

$10,000 Chairman’s Club Membership: This enhanced membership level offers expanded visibility for your company and is designed to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses and those with multiple locations and disciplines, and offers a step up on the competition with more customized options and benefits. Part of the Board of Directors.

$25,000 Elite Sponsor: Our most exclusive membership level is designed to meet the needs of members interested in networking with a prestigious group of high level executives in the corporate America, U.S Government and political leaders who influence both national and international issues.

Preferred & Executive Members can use offices in Washington DC– New York –Miami

FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected]  OR CALL (786)406-2190

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