The Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces Launch of Cybersecurity Platform and Join effort with Clarium

The Platform that will focus on Advancing Smart Cybersecurity Policies, Best Practices, and Market-Based Solutions

Miami, Florida. December 21, 2017. The Minority Chamber of Commerce today announced the launch of its new Cybersecurity Platform in conjunction with Clarium Managed a national global high-tech firm based in Miami Dade County. As a part of our “Security & Preparedness Global Platform”, the Minority Chamber is impulse U.S Cybersecurity leadership to foreign countries and strength local and national members and partners. The mission of the Cybersecurity Platform will be to focus on mitigation of cyber risks through cross-sector information sharing efforts, the improvement of cyber hygiene of businesses of all sizes and promoting a Cybersecurity Campaign through local, national and global development conferences beginning this January 27 2017 in Miami Dade.

The official campaign is aimed at giving minority businesses and large companies, the tools and paths they need to protect their networks and other valuable information.