The Minority News – October 2015

The Minority News – October 2015


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The Minority Chamber of Commerce produces the Chamber Connection, our quarterly newsletter that keeps Chamber members and the community informed of news, events and promotions. You can keep up on all the latest news on our news feed.       



President’s message:


Dear Members and Partners: Our mission is to wisely and carefully form a Global Chamber of Commerce, it is possible that history will be made and a force created that shall endure throughout the years as a beneficent influence upon our country, the United States of America. Our corporate culture promoting opportunities and economic development for Micro-Small-Medium size Companies around the world and nationally. That is our commitment at the Minority Chamber of Commerce.

Doug Mayorga

[email protected]
[email protected]

minority chamber of commerce logoAbout the Minority Chamber:

A worldwide organization committed to networking among and empowering micro-small and medium size businesses  and Inspired by the justice for all and principles of more opportunities for minority disadvantage group, their goal is  highlighting key issues, stimulating discussion, defining best practices,  identifying new opportunities for our members, promoting private enterprise around the world and fostering  high-level strategic partnerships. Their economic empowerment programs and projects around the world promote equal participation of micro-small-medium sizes and large corporations in decision-making roles at all levels


The Minority Chamber of Commerce organizes and supports initiatives, partnership and events promoting world trade, high tech, entrepreneurship educational, and economic goals.

Our Board of Directors

Doug Mayorga -President & Founder
JeanettePinero MariaLoaisiga Paul-Lester Guillermo-Escalona Jan-Goldman
 Jeanette Pinero, CHAIRWOMAN – Woman Committee
 Maria Loaisiga, CHAIRWOMAN – Education Committee
 Paul Lester, CHAIRMAN – Global Development
 Guillermo Escalona,     CHAIRMAN – Community Committee
 Jan Goldman, CHAIRMAN – Corporate Committee
 Matt-Barringer  Sonny-Aggarwal  George-Mikitarian  Eddy-Martinez  Eveline-Pierre
Matt Barringer, CHAIRMAN –National  Executive
Sonny Aggarwal, CHAIRMAN –Entrepreneurship Committee  
George Mikitarian, CHAIRMAN –Health & Science Committee   
Eddy Martinez, CHARMAN-High Tech Committee
Eveline Pierre, CHAIRWOMAN – Caribbean Committee 

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