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Every year, we join forces with our members and partners to advocate and support Women in Leadership, along with making sure governments and multilateral agencies hear our message: “We stand with Women for increased Opportunities of growth in businesses, public service, professionals and in Leadership overall”.


The objective of this annual conference is to bring together a diverse mix of successful women leaders whom through the discussion of topics relevant to today’s issues and challenges, will educate, inspire and encourage women to reflect on their own goals, vision and status as they strive to advance within their organizations and businesses.  Our participants range from a wide level of business professionals, entrepreneurs, government, non-profit organization directors and representatives, academics, and local public officials. We encourage all of those that are committed to excellence and the empowerment of women in all sectors to take part in this event. The program is fully in English.



Thursday March 28, 2019.

6:00 PM: Welcome reception sponsored by Marriott Dadeland

Friday March 29, 2019

8:00 AM Registration 


8:15 AM Welcome Remark by Doug Mayorga / CEO of the U.S. Minority Chamber

8:30 AM The Ambassador of Bolivia in the United States, Dr. Pablo Canedo

  “The Bolivia’s experiences: Women in Leadership expanding opportunities. Meet the country where 65% of the congress are female”

8:45 AM Head, Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) Secretariat, World Bank Group

  “A great opportunity for Women: The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) of the World Bank”

9:00 AM The Women’s leadership in Public Service Forum: The panelists bring together professionals from throughout the public sector to share stories, develop new knowledge and skills, and network with one another to support women in public service as they unleash their full potential in serving the greater good. Be sure to head and catch our exciting and enlightening conversations.

Hon. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell            Jeanette Nunez          Jany Martinez-Ward             



U.S. Representative Congress                Vice Governor State of Florida                Top Hispanic Lawyer

9:45 AM: The Women’s Leadership in Global Business Forum: What would happen if women were participating in the local economy at the same rate as their male counterparts? The panel looks to engage on leadership, boardroom diversity and best practices to enhance skills and potential of women leaders.

Moderator: Gerry Destin – Senior Director-European Committee at the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce.  

The Women Executive Forum: is an opportunity for current and future women leaders in the private sector to establish and nurture connections while engaging in critical conversations about the unique issues faced by women in the industry. By attending, you can learn personal and professional growth ideas in a supportive environment, including personal branding, leadership, inspiration , negotiations and unique value.

     Mary Rogers                                                     Waleska Rivera                                                                                 Maria Rios                                                                                                                                                                                                      


          CEO                                                                          CEO                                                                                                 CEO                                                                                                                  

V.P. & General Manager                                       Danosa Caribbean                                                                          Waste Nation                   

Fontainebleau Hotel                                                Puerto Rico                                                                                        Texas

Miami Beach                                                                                                          


Moderator: Cindy Montgenie/ Senior Advisor for the Women Entrepreneurship at the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce


11:15 AM: The Innovation of the Future: Satellite Communication for Emergency Preparedness. Presented by Sean Lee / Chairman of the Board of Director for U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce

11:45: AM: Recess

General Session Luncheon Conference

Invited as a Keynote Speakers



                          Beatriz Rossello    Michelle Bolsonaro                     Casey De Santis      


First Lady                                                First Lady                                                  First Lady

Puerto Rico                                             Brazil                                                    State of Florida



1:00 PM Brief presentation about U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc, assisting women with education in entrepreneurship, economy growth, English courses and prevention against human trafficker and women violence, who are promoting the first-of-its-kind global fund for women’s leadership, presented by: Doug Mayorga.

1:15- PM: The Women in the Government Forum: The conference where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions on how to further advance society, increase equality between women and men and promote and positively develop the number of women in leadership positions.

Beatriz Rosello                                   Michelle Bolsonaro                                      Casey De Santis                      


First Lady                                                         First Lady                                               First Lady

 Puerto Rico                                                      Brazil                                                       Florida

“Humanitarian Perspective”      “Cultural Perspective”                     “ Challenge in a new Role”     


Moderator: Doug Mayorga, CEO of the Board of Directors for U.S Minority Chamber


2:30 PM: Women in Business Forum: The forum features best practices and business leaders experience on a broad range of entrepreneurship and funding topics. The Forum celebrates Women Business leaders in finance for small businesses. The session will be a conversation among leaders to provide a message of relevant issues affecting companies around the world.


Mercedes Canalda                          Priya Basu                                     Rahima Kandahari              


CEO                                                      V ice President                               Director Women Initiative

Woman Bank DR                               Bank Group                                     U.S Department of State

Moderator:   Waleska Rivera, Chairwoman of the Global Leadership at the U.S Minority Chamber.


6:30 PM: The Women of the World Leadership Gala Awards: More than 50 women members of U.S Minority Chamber and international delegation will enjoy a wonderful dinner gala. The Gala featured 12th Women leaders across business, politics, world executives and more who have successfully broken through the glass ceiling and shown us what it means to leverage their power. For RSVP : [email protected]


Welcome Remark: Irma Sanchez                / Moderators:  Doug Mayorga & Gerry Destin


At the Wonderful

8:00 AM: Delegations departure from Marriott Dadeland to Fontainebleau Hotel

8:45 AM: Coffee break

9:00 AM: The Minority Women Entrepreneurship Forum:

Resources, experiences for various initiatives and businesses run by women. Through this Forum, conversation on how women are perceived in business and as entrepreneurs in their own communities, stimulating innovative approaches to business and other initiatives of like-minded business leaders to drive change through the exchange of ideas, opinions and viewpoints.


Georyanne Rios                              Mari Carmen Sega                      Maria Rios                    Nora Valenzuela



PSS Finders -CEO                               CEO -Peruvian Chamber      CEO -Nation Waster     CEO Leadership Institute

Puerto Rico                                              Peru                                                    Texas                                   Cali, Colombia                     

Moderator: Irma Sanchez / Entrepreneurship relations for the U.S Minority Chamber

10:30 AMThe exclusive conferences with Governments and Private Sector Coalition around the world: Building collaborative responses to Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence



Kimberly Grabert’                                                                                          Katherine Fernandez Rundle

State of Florida Director                                                                                  State Attorney Office


12: oo Noon:  The Global Leadership Conference Keynote Address: Pending

Saturday 1:45 PM:   Miami Beach Tour by the Bay – The extravaganza Closing Party


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