Women Summit

Women Summit


Mission: The 2019 Edition brought together high-achieving leaders from all over the world. It gives focus to new ways of thinking and development presenting different perspectives for today’s women for a better tomorrow. The XX Women Leadership Summit Miami enables females to start a dialogue; women who shape their societies through public service and their own organizations – women who make their mark in a new history in their communities. The 2019 Edition covers a wide range of aspects, from the vital questions of the world economy to initiatives which demonstrate exemplary actions in times of crisis. It directs attention to new markets and fields of action for companies and regions, enables the joint exploration of visions, strategies and extends the boundaries of previous knowledge, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the U.S. MinorityChamber of Commerce we say Thank You.


Welcome Remark by Doug Mayorga / CEO of the U.S. Minority Chamber/ Our mission is to assist women in development across-borders in trade, education and investments in a collaborative way in 23 countries.

Women’s Leadership Forum: The panel with professional women from the private sector to share stories, develop knowledge, skills, and network with one another to support women as they unleash their full potential in serving for the greater good. This session gave the opportunity for women entrepreneurs and professionals from the region, as well as from Europe to share their experiences/success stories and to learn from one another.

Our panelists: Lawyer Ms. Jany Martinez-Ward CEO- Mrs. Elena Dolinski and Ms. Cindy Montgenie

 Women’s Leadership in Global Business: What would happen if women were participating in the local economy at the same rate as their male counterparts? The panel engaged on leadership, boardroom diversity and best practices to enhance skills and the potential of female leaders.

Our Panelists: CEO- Mrs. Waleska Rivera – CEO- Mrs. Maria Rios                 Director Fontainebleau, Jenny Cerna

Our Keynote Speaker

The First Lady of Puerto Rico, Mrs. Beatriz Rossello

Women in Business Forum: The forum on best practices and business leaders experience on International Trade for Women in America. The Forum celebrated Women who are business leader’s and small business development.

Our Welcome Reception

The 12 Most Distinguished Women Leadership Awards Gala celebrates Extraordinary ladies committed to advancing public service, business, and prosperity. The event brings together top leaders whose exceptional contributions have been instrumental in addressing the pressing challenges of our communities. More than 100 guests attended the Gala, comprising an elite audience from the highest levels of government, business, media and civil society.


First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rossello and Honorable Governor Ricardo Rossello


We were proud to recognize The First Lady of Puerto Rico Mrs. Beatriz Rossello, as the “Humanitarian Woman of the Year 2019” by the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce, celebrating her commitment, leadership and compassion after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

Her testament is a perfect example of leadership in government, who works every day to increase the confidence of women to pursue and excel through the power in public service.

Snapshot pictures

Our Fashion Show

At the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce we are always inspired to see young women who have found their passion and accomplishing their goals passing on that power to those around them. That is the purpose behind Empowered Women, a movement started by our Chairman of Minority Young Woman Committee, Mr. Gary Destin.

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