The mission of The Start Up Program is to build a world-class research-driven, teaching and practitioner-oriented minority entrepreneurship and economic development program that will transform the economy of Miami Dade, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, and other area centers; create wealth in minority disadvantage communities; and be a model for all urban and rural communities in America.

Are you interested in growing your business or to start a company? Are you seeking new markets? You are invited to participate in a program designed for you!

You can join us to our Entrepreneurship Business Center located in Miami Dade & Washington DC, and it’s free for our corporate members of Minority Chamber of Commerce. There are a limited number of seats in the program. The next round of classes begins February 2015. Send in your application today!

Business and Entrepreneurial Skills Training (BEST) — delivers professional instruction in the classroom and at the business; designed to assist Minority small business owners in managing their businesses more effectively and expand their opportunities for governments and private sector, and for those with global business development, you can find an intensive course of marketing, distribution, logistic and representation.

If you choose to join to our training, you will gain the most value by committing to:

  1. Have an initial discussion with a business adviser from the chamber to assess your needs for local and international opportunities in our locations in DC and Miami, Florida
  2. Participate in all or one of our 25 “live” courses designed to assist you with Export & Import, Contracting-Certification, Licensees, Permits, Loans, Operations, Corporate Image, Social Media, Marketing, human resources and more….
  3. We focus on assisting entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses and thus create wealth within their communities for different industries.
  4. The program is designed exclusively for first-generation entrepreneurs and next level position, is a highly competitive one month program that can serve as a single source to support the growth of your business and to start in the best condition possible for success. . The program offers a powerful blend of 10 hours weekly classes, intensive training, one-on-one counseling, and financial guidance, and networking
  5. Along with mentoring from an experienced, knowledgeable instructor and coach, you benefit from masterminding and resource sharing with the other members of the group (limited to 20 participants). Very often another participant in the program has the perfect answer or rationale for something.


You’re eligible to enroll in The Business Start-Up Program if all of the following is true for you:

  1. If you are within the first year to eighteen months of a new business, selling either services or products If you have a plan in place and are just about to launch a new business
  2. If you are an active business looking for the opportunity to “expand” your products and service to sell to government and fortune 1000 companies.
  3. If you are an export company with U.S products only to promote to new market in Latin America and the Caribbean countries
  4. You have a high level of motivation to take action and break through obstacles to grow your business
  5. You’re ready and willing to take on a challenge and step outside your comfort zone

Benefits of the Program

Despite a set curriculum of topics, the breakthroughs for participants in The Business Start-Up Program are actually as individual and different as the products and services they sell. Whatever has been blocking your way tends to come into view and then fall away as you learn strategies for dealing with it.

  • The life-changing insights and business changes you might experience fall into these categories:
  • English /Spanish Commercial Language Courses
  • Learning how to prepare your own business plan and set the course for your first critical year in business.
  • Learn how to use financial statements to make profitable decisions for your company
  • Develop your own sales technique that feels comfortable and effectively sells your product or service though the marketing strategy for Export or Local Business
  • Design and implement a marketing strategy that generates and sustain growth
  • Create a business infrastructure that supports growth, capital source and forecast.
  • Take control and become proactive: You plan instead of react.
  • Improve Your Personal Effectiveness, Personality and Corporate Image
  • Get organized and stay organized with the protocol of image
  • Use your inspiration to build momentum and remain empowered
  • Implement social responsibility initiatives that matter to you
  • Become an organization driven by values, vision, and mission
  • Become Profitable Doing What You Love, What if your Passion
  • Enhance both business and personal skills via monthly group meetings with a comprehensive learning program of public relations and communication
  • “Thinking and Acting” like a successful entrepreneur
  • Get access to valuable online and offline business resources through the networked community of business owners
  • Reach your goals even faster with optional one-on-one business coaching sessions that help you navigate your path to success and keep you on track

For registration: [email protected] or calling to 786.260.1965